Bipolar Disorder

Welcome to eBipolar

Welcome to eBipolar. My name is Kevin. I have bipolar disorder. I am also the founder of this blog. Here on the eBipolar blog you will find all things related to Bipolar Disorder, depression, anxiety and all other mental health conditions. I will include blog posts that are strictly related to Bipolar Disorder, depression and […]


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Depression and Social Security Benefits

The Social Security Administration will automatically award disability benefits for depression bipolar disorder or other mental health conditions if you can prove that you have symptoms and limitations listed on the Social Security official list of disabilities for depression or bipolar disorder. If you have been diagnosed with depression and you expect you cannot work […]


What if Bipolar Disorder Goes Untreated

Untreated Bipolar While bipolar disorder does not have an immediate cure, the right medications may lessen the frequency of mood episodes and other symptoms. With a good treatment plan that includes psychotherapy, medication, healthy living, a regular schedule, and early recognition of symptoms, many people can live well with this condition. Although symptoms can get […]